This EasyGo Technologies is an OEM of Motion Sensor for Automatic Lighting Control System to our clients. This Automatic Switch is used for turning on and off the lights automatically by sensing motion. Our Motion Sensors are an integral part of any Lighting Control System being installed. For many external areas in Factories, Street Light Control or even perimeter lighting in shopping malls, the Photocell Switches play a pivotal role in energy conservation. They have a light dependent resistor which monitors the ambient Lux threshold and turns on or off the connected public area lighting loads. Automatic Lighting Control System consist Dual sensor with motion sense and light sensor (LDR sensor) with Highly sensitive noise suppression PIR/Day sense. Switching of fixtures based on human motion and sensitivity and holding time can be adjusted. PIR sensor has detecting range Approx. 5 to 12 meter with detecting angle 120 degrees. Best suitable for washrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, main hall, passage, balcony, corridor, porch, reception, entrance lobby, garage, conference hall, staircase etc.

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