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About Us

Easygo focuses on Renewable energy solutions, Home automation solutions, power electronics domain covering and carrying Research, Design & Development in VLSI, Embedded Systems, Web and Desktop application software etc. We are also expert in designing, supplying and maintenance of Power electronics equipment’s with high quality services. We are also providing our services and expertise in Hardware design and development, High end PCB design, PLC and SCADA / HMI programming to different small scale and multinational companies.

We are a trustworthy entity, engaged in designing, manufacturing and supplying advanced electronics products for Home Automation and Home Security products viz (a) Motion Sensor, (b) Hazardous Gas Monitoring Systems, (c) Auto Power Switch in lighting control, (d) Water Level Controller and (e) Wireless Traffic Light Controller etc..


Be the most PREFERRED and TRUSTED embedded system solution provider helping customers to maximize the value of their products. To use knowledge, experience and innovations to provide value added and cost effective solutions to industry to use energy in a smart and efficient way. We work to realize this mission by offering customers a superior ecosystem of highly synergetic hardware and software embedded system, excellently supported by a strong technical team to boost their productivity. We strive to continuously augment and enhance our product portfolio with emerging technologies and new premier products to remain valuable to our customers. We hold our long-term consultative relationships with clients in high regards and our motivated team continues to deliver solutions and services that exceeds customers’ expectations, thereby earning cherished brand loyalty. Our aim is to provide end to end solutions in VLSI, Embedded and software systems.


We EasyGo Technologies believe in excellence and commitment toward work. Our main focus is on innovative ideas and make various projects. We are committed towards social activities and well-being of society. For our customers, with our uncompressing focus on their success, we offer best in class embedded products and services that reduces costs, improve quality, productivity and performance to help shorten time to market. For our partners, with our business acumen, focus on profitability and growth, we extend the best possible partnership to help them succeed in Indian market with aggressive strategic sales, vast market reach and deep relations. We will tirelessly pursue new growth opportunities while continually improving our profitability, maintaining excellence and integrity in all aspects of our business operations, our professional and business conduct.


Web and Desktop Applications design and development.

8 / 16 / 32 -bit microcontroller based embedded system design and development.

RTOS like uCosII, MQX, RT Linux etc.

FPGA programming using VHDL (Lattice FPGA).

Embedded system design and development.

Hardware design and development.

High end PCB designing.

PLC & SCADA / HMI programming as per customer requirements.

Reverse engineering.




EasyMon is microcontroller based multichannel gas monitoring, alarm annunciation and data logging system for any Toxic, Combustible, Oxygen detectors. Read More


Auto-Power Switch 2000

This is a Photo Electric Sensor technology based automatic sensor switch for 220V AC mains. Use for automatically Turn ON /OFF lighting or another compatible load up to 2000W. Read More


Auto-Power Switch

This is a Photo Electric Sensor technology based automatic sensor switch for 220V AC mains. Use for automatically Turn ON /OFF lighting or another compatible load up to 400W.Read More



This EasyGo Technologies is an OEM of Motion Sensor for Automatic Lighting Control System to our clients. This Automatic Switch is used for Read More



EasyCon is the latest Generation Micro Controller for Electrostatic Precipitator application. It is a powerful tool for Clean Air Management Read More



LIAISON is microcontroller based MODBUS converter which communicates with Gas Monitors using RS232 serial media Read More